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Getting Married at Home – A More Popular Choice

Posted on May 14th, 2011 by admin-marquees-dw  |  Comments Off on Getting Married at Home – A More Popular Choice

The popularity of becoming a wedded couple at home is rising.

It  takes a well organised person to arrange everything in order to help the day or weekend go smoothly.


  • Garden Drainage – ensuring the area is not waterlogged
  • Landscaping & Gardening – maintaining a neat tidy look
  • Upkeep of the home – some rooms may serve as a rest area for guests


Garden Drainage
Keeping an exemplary garden area is key. Elegant surroundings enhance the visual appeal of the overall scene, and add real atmosphere.

We may have brilliant blue skies now, how long that will last is anyones guess, so exceedingly good planning is essential. If you are aware that your garden is commonly waterlogged, arrange garden drainage services to arrive a day or two before the marquee is erected. This can always be cancelled, however do ensure you check the cost of cancellation before booking.

Gardening & Landscaping
Ask your gardener if they can increase the amount of hours they work at the garden, or if you do not already have one, make enquiries and seek a reliable gardener that can maintain the lawn, trees and shrubs – perhaps they may need to creating a planting plan based around the marquee.

Preparing Your Home
You may wish to redecorate, or create a temporary bedroom or dressing area from an unused office or sitting room space. Alternatively, a simple freshen up can help create restful areas where guests can reside and the bride can change on the morning of the wedding day.

Event Management
Event Management companies and individuals may assist you with organisation pre-wedding, to alleviate the pressure on you, often the cost is similar to what it may have been anyway. This is largely due to a Management company having good contacts, and they will be happy to negotiate lower prices.