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Why Hire A Marquee? Three Top Benefits

Posted on June 28th, 2011 by admin-marquees-dw  |  Comments Off on Why Hire A Marquee? Three Top Benefits

With freak weather currently crossing the UK, why hire a marquee I hear you say?

Well, marquees are no longer the cold ‘circus’ type structure that once was.

It’s important to realise how popular marquees are. For a variety of occasions, it is the perfect way to celebrate in style.

So we thought we would write three top benefits of hiring a marquee in the UK that we haven’t covered yet:

1. You get to choose your perfect location

This way, you select where to pitch the marquee, and are not limited to certain venues. Provided the venue, lawn or farmers field you choose has the relevant permissions (or they can be sought) then your choices are not restricted.

2. You get to plan and host your event, hassle-free

Imagine all the planning – flowers, decorations, lighting, sound, catering, furniture. There are times when a good events company can really take the hassle out of organising, so that you can concentrate on your guests.

3. It’s a flexible solution – have as many or as few guests as you choose to

Marquees come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and can therefore be tailored to suit the amount of guests you want to invite. No more being squeezed in or, even worse – finding that your guests only half fill the venue. That would make your event memorable for all the wrong reasons!

So, don’t limit your options and look at the options to hire a fantastic location, construct it at your chosen venue, and house your guests perfectly!