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Marquee Hire Frequently Asked Questions

MARQUEES-LONDON has put together some questions we frequently have to answer, but remember if your question isn’t answered here, feel free to talk to us so that we can!

Do you just supply the marquee?
No. MARQUEES-LONDON is able to supply all the furniture, such as tables and chairs, with the flooring and lighting to suit. MARQUEES-LONDON can also provide the entertainment, catering and other support services.

When do you erect the marquee?
Marquees are usually put up on the Wednesday, Thursday or Friday before the event.

When is it dismantled?
We usually take down on the following Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.
However, if you have a specific timetable MARQUEES-LONDON will always try and work with you to provide the best service we can.

How long can we hire the marquee?
Each hiring is made by prior arrangement. We will be able to discuss and confirm the arrangements at the time of your order.

What if I want to make changes to our hire?
MARQUEES-LONDON is able to accommodate small last minute changes due to unforeseen circumstances, but normally we would expect to have discussed with you in detail what your requirements are at the start of the hire to avoid any changes to ensure your event will be the success you desire.

I’m worried about the safety of the marquee.
MARQUEES-LONDON supply marquees that are made from materials that conform to the latest British Standard specifications and will also be fire resistant. If you are in any doubt look at our client comments

Will the marquee damage pipes or cables underneath?
MARQUEES-LONDON anchor the marquee with large pins and these will obviously cause damage if they hit any object below the surface. We would generally inspect the site prior to erection, but would expect the client to highlight any issues regarding services on site during our visit.

Will our garden be damaged?
If we cover your lawn with flooring it will take a few days to recover back to its original state, but should not be damaged other than being a bit flat! When erecting or dismantling the marquee, MARQUEES-LONDON can assure you that the utmost care will be taken to prevent damage to your lawns and flowers.

How robust are they?
Modern marquees are very robust and we will securely anchor each marquee we supply. The current standards are that they must withstand winds of up to 60mph, but will of course stand up to much higher levels.

We have an event arranged for the colder winter months, is the marquee suitable in such conditions?
Designs of modern marquees and the availability of powerful heaters which provide the heating make them suitable for Christmas, New Year parties or similar events. By using flooring we will prevent damage from wet ground.

What is the difference between a lined or unlined marquee?
Lined marquees are more luxurious as none of the structure or walls are visible. This makes them ideal for the more traditional wedding.
Unlined marquees tend to be used for the more informal functional events.

Are you part of any Marquee Hire Trade body?
yes we are fully accredited by The Marquee Hire Trade Organisation (www.mhto.org) who conduct our audits, we are fully insured.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept cheque / electronic payment via paypal and BACs payments, more details on our payments page