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Benefits of Wedding Marquee Hire

There are a huge amount of benefits to hiring a marquee, especially where outdoor weddings or receptions are concerned.

A marquee is a great way to hold a celebration under an unpretentious and very stylish canopy.

You can shelter yourself and your guests from the changeable British weather whilst maintaining a comfortable indoors temperature.

Some couples choose to hold the whole celebration within the marquee, whilst other couples opt to hold the reception, dinner and disco in the marquee after holding the ceremony at a church or alternative venue.

Celebrating Your Wedding Indoors, Outdoors
A marquee may be a temporary piece of architecture, but it’s a flexible option. You can theme the inside of the marquee and decorate it to suit your taste. It’s also a perfect option if you have lots of guests as some venues may not be able to house so many guests.

By erecting your marquee in hotel grounds or other type of building, the hotel can organise the whole day whilst you can be confident all of your guests can be seated.

A hotel will take on the catering, furniture hire, flowers and decoration which is a great option compared to choosing another type of venue, such as a historic castle, where you will be required to organise these things yourself.

The final thing to mention is that by selecting a hotel to house your wedding marquee, your guests have the option to choose to stay in rooms at the hotel. They may choose to use the car parking and other facilities there too.

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