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The weather should not stop you from holding and making your event a success. However, there is no guarantee with our weather. Even the Summer is known to be a bit chilly, so what hope is there for the Winter months!

Well, there is no reason why you cannot hold your event at any time of the year as MARQUEES-LONDON can provide you warmth by locating fuel heaters around the marquee.

propane space heaterPropane Gas Heaters

We will supply Propane Gas Heaters which have proved to be ideal to heat marquees all year round.

The Propane gas bottle size is 47Kg which provide enough fuel for around 10 hours of use and will be charged for.

halogen heater Halogen Heaters

An alternative is the Halogen Heater which is a powerful radiant heater designed to give maximum heat, while being easy to use.
These heaters are fully waterproof and are suitable to provide warmth all year round.

Gas HeaterGas HeaterGas HeaterGas Heater